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4 Section Aluminum Bi-Metal Radiator


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Each Radiator Includes a 3/4” Installation Kit with (2) Wall-Hung Brackets, (2) Anchors for the Wall Hung Brackets,(2) Clockwise Bushings, (2) Counter-Clockwise Bushings, (1) Air Vent- With Key, (1) Decorative Plug, and (4) Environmental Gaskets. Bi-metal Radiators are made from steel and aluminum to pose an elegant and unique stylish finish. This radiator is the perfect combination of metals; aluminum allowing it to emit heat at an efficient rate, and steel corresponding to its durability and long lasting life expectancy. Aluminum heating radiators are extremely easy to install and work great in areas with high working pressure environments. A=1” Inches, B=22” Inches, C=3” Inches, D=3” Inches

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