Calculating Desires (The Rockford Security Series Book 4)

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Lucky in Cards, Unlucky In Love.

Running from her past, Alison James’ aptitude for numbers has both gotten her into trouble and saved her. But now there’s another kind of trouble brewing in the Lucky Ace Casino. Her winning streak at blackjack hasn’t gone unnoticed and Owen Rockford, head of casino security, has been dogging her every move. She wants to cut and run, but not when it means sacrificing the only friend she’s had in a long time.

Owen Rockford has his own demons from his past military life and the woman that betrayed him. He’s not about to let that happen again, so when the gorgeous redhead who caught his eye in the casino turns out to be a suspect in a card-cheating ring, he’s more than happy to put away his amorous intentions and prosecute her like any other criminal.

Pursuit turns to passion, and it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. When the stakes become deadly Alison is forced to make the biggest gamble of all- one that could cost her her heart … not to mention her life.

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