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CHRISTIAN FICTION: Time for Love Series ( A Clean Inspirational Romance Box Set ) 3 in 1 ((Contemporary Religious Christian Romance) 3 Books in 1)

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To everything, there is a season. But at age 31, Sarah Langley refuses to believe that there can be a season to find love again. When her marriage to her wealthy and ambitious husband comes to an end, Sarah returns home to the small town where she grew up. The cold, barren winter scenery of Pennsylvania in January matches the way she feels inside, frozen and empty. She feels that life has cheated her and she holds God responsible. Divorced, with nothing to show for her years as a wife, Sarah is bitter and resentful and she fully intends to be angry at God for depriving her of what she thought life held in store: a lasting marriage, children, and all the trappings of success. The husband she loved and lost to another woman, the child he fathered with his new wife, the children she didn’t have because her husband said he wasn’t ready to be a father, lead her to believe that she will be denied love forever. When her mother, a strong-willed woman whose adherence to her faith is just as powerful as her determination to rule her daughter’s life, arranges for her to interview for the position of church secretary, Sarah is annoyed with her mother’s interference. She hasn’t attended church in years, she doesn’t want to be with people; she’s hurt and frightened that love will never come again. How can a job in a church possibly make things better?

But Sarah fails to realize that it’s God, not biological clocks or manmade plans, who sets the seasons of life and that God has a plan for her that will unfold in God’s own time. Acclimating to God’s calendar isn’t going to be easy, but she discovers that she’s no longer alone. There’s sharp-tongued, good-humored Joanne, the widowed church treasurer; there’s Isabelle the melodramatic choir director and Levi the brilliant, reclusive organist; there’s the married couple who serve as custodians and the “Cobweb Committee” forever searching for dusty evidence that the couple are failing in their duties. But most of all, there’s the pastor. Blue-eyed, dark-haired Ian Cameron, who seems to know her better after one week than her ex-husband did after years of marriage, makes Sarah realize that her life has many seasons ahead. But do those seasons include love again?

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