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De’Longhi KBO1401R Electric Kettle

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Water level indicator conveniently located on the back of the kettle
Detachable base for cord free convenience
Removable and washable anti scale filter

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Italian passion for elegant design, a penchant for color, and technological innovation characterize the De’Longhi Icona collection. The Icona Electric Kettle evokes the Italian spirit of la dolce vita, enhancing the design of any modern kitchen with a touch of style. The Icona Collection, which also includes the Icona 2 Slice Toaster and the Icona Espresso Maker, is inspired by the bold, striking lines of 1950s Italian design; a time when Italy was just beginning to dictate the rules of fashion and style to the world. De’Longhi Icona adds a touch of class, creativity and elegance to any kitchen. The high-gloss finish and curvaceous design of the 1950s retro kettle transforms breakfast into a moment of sheer indulgence.

Icona Kettle’s retro silhouette features chrome detailing.
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The ergonomic handle conceals the water-level indicator from most angles.
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Dramatic Design with Sharp Angles, Curves, and Chrome

Whether you choose black, red, or white, your Icona Electric Kettle will feature a sleek, high-gloss metal body with elegant chrome accents, adding a touch of glamor to your day.

Water Gauge Shows Water Level at a Glance

The kettle includes a built-in water-level indicator with a quick glance under the handle, so you’ll know exactly how much water you’re boiling.

Washable Anti-Scale Filter for Easy Cleaning

Calcium carbonate is naturally present in tap water and can leave chalky lime scale deposits on your kettle. Without attention, lime scale buildup affects a machine’s functionality and shortens its useful life. The removable, washable anti-scale filter in the Icona Electric Kettle makes preventative maintenance easy and ensures a longer-lasting product.

Built-in Safety Features

The built-in automatic shut-off mechanism prevents the kettle from boiling over or overheating. The non-slip feet on the kettle’s base offer additional security, keeping the unit from sliding around or scratching your surface.

Kettle rotates 360 degrees on the base.
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What’s in the Box

Icona electric kettle, base, and instruction manual.

Icona Electric Kettle features:
  • Removable water filter prevents buildup of chemical deposits
  • Automatic shut-off upon boiling, removal from base, or overheating
  • Detachable swivel base
  • Water-level indicator
  • Shining chrome accents and sleek design

Water level indicator conveniently located on the back of the kettle
Detachable base for cord free convenience
Removable and washable anti scale filter
57.5 oz. capacity
Unique high gloss finish with chromed details


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