He Fell For A T-Girl

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Alessandra is living her dream in Atlanta. Alessandra and her best friend Kris takes Atlanta by storm as they adjust to their new home. On a day at the mall Alessandra meets a sexy rough neck named Waheed. Waheed is everything Alessandra’s always wanted in a man. He’s a gentleman, businessman, handsome, excellent in bed, rough yet sensitive enough for her. As time goes on, feelings are growing on both ends. Waheed has no idea of Alessandra’s past until his cousin, Terrell, who is also an ex-lover of Alessandra fills him in.
Alessandra has a past that she’s not proud of and has tried to hide for years. What happens when she’s forced to deal with the past she has buried many, many years ago? The closet opens and skeletons are sure to pop out when Waheed finds out he fell in love with a T-Girl.

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