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Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: Your Healthy Guide To Vegan Cooking With Delicious Instant Pot Recipes


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The Instant Pot Vegan CookBook will reveal the lifestyle of being a Vegan in a way that you’ve never seen before.

You’ll start off with an introduction that teaches you the truth about being a Vegan and what you may not know. Next you will go deeper into Vegan cooking and learn what every Vegan should have in their pantry for cooking. You will also start off your cooking journey with some culinary basics that get you familiar with the idea of cooking Vegan. Once you’re familiar with cooking you will move on to preparing full blow meals that you can share with your friends and family. You will also get a selection of awesome recipes that allow you to take your Vegan cooking to the next level. The Instant Pot Vegan Cooking Guide will help you tremendously in getting clear with your Vegan lifestyle and eating deliciously in the process. Do you think being vegan means eat boring tasteless meals? Or you’re already a vegan and can’t find enough vegan recipes for your Instant Pot? Or you just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle? It’s not all rabbit food – we selected only the best vegan recipes for Instant Pot, so you can enjoy such meals as Instant Pot Vegan Spinach Pasta, or Delicious Instant Pot Vegan Chickpeas Burgers and many more! If you think that you’re too busy to cook yourself a healthy meal – we have good news to you! With Instant Pot you can get yourself a nice dinner at no time! Under the cover you’ll find: Recipes for breakfast, dinner, soups, snacks, sides and desserts Cooking time, prep time, list of ingredients accompanies each recipe Recipes of vegans burgers Clear and simple step by step instruction Nutrition information per serving