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Mystery and Sci-Fi Collection (5 in 1): Apocalyptic Mystery Novels (New Adult Mystery Thriller Suspense Romance)

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Mystery and Sci-Fi Collection (5 in 1)

Book One: Count Dorkula, I Presume?

A short story with fast pacing and a lot of heart, Count Dorkula follows a greatly misunderstood surgeon and his new assistant as they go from just a very good team to a couple. Unfortunately for them, the jealous staff of their small hospital is not thrilled with this development especially the nurse who had thought that she would be the one to end up with the tall, dark and mysterious doctor.

After the nurse pushes too far and loses her job she sets a whole new plan in action, one that can end up being the difference between life and death unless the brilliant doctor can put the pieces together and get to his lady love’s side quickly enough.

Book Two: Count Down – The Concise Epitaph of Humanity

There are thousands, no, millions of words that describe, define, or typify human endeavor. From self-help guides to precise biology, everything known about humanity is splashed on page after page, and has been so since the creation of the written word.

Earth is invaded, no, overborne by an unstoppable and inexorable enemy from beyond our dimension. These beings, beyond our comprehension, have begun to destroy our world, and have tendered an ultimatum. They demand that an unknown author, chosen seemingly at random, be tasked with giving a full disclosure, and a true apology for all of humankind, and in that same document he must explain to the impending executioners why we should be pardoned and allowed to live.

Book Three: Blackmailed

Drew is back from a three month backpacking trip, when her mother tells her that she has found the love of her life and they will soon be married. Drew is shocked, but happy for her mom. After meeting Charles, she is even more certain that he is just perfect for her. Everything was not perfect though and when she met her soon-to-be-stepbrother, Drew was having a lot of mixed emotions.

Lars on the other hand was not so confused. When faced with something that he wanted, the billionaire’s son was used to getting what he wanted. After a few minutes with the smart-talking Drew, he knew that she was one of those things. When she wouldn’t fall to her knees like all of the other women he had known, Lars had to resort to a tactic that he usually reserved for takeovers, dirty tricks. Will she cave when faced with humiliation or will Lars never know what it is like to be with his stepsister?

Book Four: Kiss of Death

Laura O’Hara is a young, rebellious 17 year old, whose parents force a move upon her junior year in high school from New York. Laura, feeling frustrated and misunderstood by her parents, spends most of her time researching the history of the places in which she’s lived, divulging herself into the information of the ghosts that have filled her towns in the past.

When Laura meets a boy her age with a similar history, she feels accepted and assured that this life she leads is one worth it. His compelling green eyes speak to her, and together they form a bond that is unperishable through life. Or death.

Book Five: Thirst for Love

Ronan is a creature of the night and has been for quite some time. One night, as he’s searching for his next kill, he spots Adara working at her desk in a bookstore. The result is immediate infatuation. He follows her home that night and as she’s sleeping he explores her apartment, trying to learn everything he can about her. The next night, he shows up at her store before it closes and purchases a book from her just so he can talk to her. He continues to follow her and watches in horror as she gets struck by a car but is unable to save her. Realizing he has one of two choices—to let her live or to change her—Ronan makes the decision to turn her into a vampire.


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