On the Run in Beverly Hills

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Three 60-year old Los Angeles BFFs suddenly find themselves husbandless, homeless, and broke. What will they do now? Fifi, a formerly filthy rich Beverly Hills housewife, Olive, a new age “old maid” book-worm journalist whose career has tanked, and Lily, a stuck-in-the-sixties hippie herbalist (who has been sprung from jail on a bogus arrest) do what any women in their situations would do. They cry their eyes out. That out of the way, they accidentally formulate a wonder cream that erases the nasty under eye bags from their crying jag. It just so happens that the cream contains the active ingredient, CBD, from marijuana. Never mind—the cream is miraculous. They’ll market their naturally beautiful eye cream and make millions! But luck being against them, when it goes viral that the anti-drug DA candidate was the accidental first customer to use the weed-based cream, and the women become fugitives.

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