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Perfect: The Revolt

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Lauren, Riley and Apple have endured The Call, became Hybrid Perfects and survived Victoria’s assault, killing her in the end. But with Vicky gone and Kaiden on the prowl causing mischief, they are left alone in a world unfamiliar to them. The Perfects upon the earth now know Lauren and the others exist, and their creation is seen as a threat to their heritage. The Fearians are also aware and plan to use the revelation to gain an edge on their sworn enemies: Mother Perfects. Everyone wants possession of the Shadow dagger, though only one person wields its mighty power: Lauren. Riley and Apple also find out Lauren is different from them and that, plus the fact Lauren’s cousin, Alison is now a Hybrid Perfect too causes strife within their clique. Can they hold their fragile friendship together or will being Perfects be the very thing that tears them apart forever?

Can earth survive the Perfect invasion?