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RETIRED Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest CROC POT – TJAL2

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1997, Harmony Kingdom – Made in the U.K. CROC POT. Item no. TJAL2. 3″ long x 2 3/4″ tall. Colors are green, brown, black, gray, pink, white, and tan. Beautiful craftsmanship. Two crocodiles are sitting in a wooden boat, labeled “Cool Cider.” One of the oars is a zebra leg. Our two crocs look very pleased with themselves. When you open the top, it reveals a secret compartment in which we see several leftovers, including a fish, bird, and various items. If you look very closely at this nifty sculpture, you see at the base of the boat – skulls, a tail, and other items. Wonderful detail / craftsmanship.

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