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SCIENCE FICTION: CLAIRE: Sci-Fi Genetic Engineering Short Story (The Helmsworth Project Book 1)

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Twenty-three-year-old librarian Claire Helmsworth’s life ran like clockwork. Everything happened like it was supposed to happen and when it was supposed to happen. No one lied, and no one made a promise he or she couldn’t keep—and if they did? Even that was predictable, and Claire’s predictions were never, ever wrong.

One summer night, a planned phone call doesn’t happen, setting in motion a disaster that destroys the ideal world Claire inhabits, scattering her and her two siblings in separate directions. Each Helmsworth must find their own way back to reconciliation with their past and with each other, all while being pursued by multiple interests who have their own plans for the Helmsworths’ special talents.

Reading Order for Coming of Age Science Fiction Series:

1. Claire

2. Brian

3. Jenna

4. Prodigy’s Promise


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