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Stereotypically Me is the result of the epiphany that there are stereotypes for everyone and nobody actually fits them. Regardless, of one’s position in life, it is within the human condition to question who they are, and where they belong in the social order. We often find ourselves trapped within where we should be, who we should be, and what we should be doing. The characters in this collection are flawed and on a quest for clarity: a soldier returning from war starts to question everything he’s ever believed in. A young woman is determined to change her life and stop using her body for monetary gain, and a student shocks everyone when she reveals her HIV status. Violence hits home for a young man when his best friend is murdered in the streets of Chicago. While the inspiration was Randall’s personal voyage, the book has evolved into a powerful work of social commentary. Stereotypically Me contemplates what it means to be human, and what we can do, to not only live, but be alive.

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