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Thirsty For a Bad Boy

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After the tragic death of his fiancé Asa on their wedding day Kenneth who the streets knew as Shadow turned into a ruthless man. He didn’t care about anything or anyone until Infinity walked into his life unintentionally. Not only was she off limits to him because of her job occupation but her mouth was reckless. And if it’s one thing Shadow didn’t approve of, it was a woman with no class. Unbeknownst to him Infinity wasn’t looking for a man and scared away any potential contenders with her attitude and slick mouth. When the two of their worlds collide they will take you on a roller coaster ride with their shenanigans.
Razor, on the other hand was very similar to Shadow but his tragedy didn’t consist of anyone’s death, but dealing with his baby momma Angel was enough to make him feel like there should be one involving her. Every woman he’s tried to be with she has run off with her lies and deceit. Hannah falls for this bad boy and as hard as she tries to stick it out Angel shares a secret that will make her take a step back to decide if it’s worth it.
A few people will resurface in all of their lives causing turmoil but one of them won’t let the past stay where it belongs; in the past. See what happens when being Thirsty For A Bad Boy goes wrong and find out who will end up on top.

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