To Love A Dragon: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (Weredragon Warriors Book 3)

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The thrilling finale to the bestselling Weredragon Warriors series…

Kate Donovan is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and forget the hurt and betrayal she suffered. Walking into a Blazing Beans cafe one night, she meets a handsome, sexy barista with a wicked sense of humor. He makes a perfect latte art dragon for her and smugly tells her it’s a self-portrait. What’s a girl to make of that?

When Zul Taerran sees Kate in his cafe, he recognizes at once the wounded, broken look in her eyes. He gives himself a mission. To make her smile.
But his dragon has other ideas. His fiery, red-blooded beast wants to make her his.
Zul wants Kate more than his next breath, but there are things she needs to know about him. First, he isn’t just a barista, he is the Managing Director of Blazing Beans. Secondly and more importantly, he is a weredragon warrior, royal guard to the last dragon king of Draca.

Fatally wounded during a vicious attack, Zul realizes that time is running out for him. He has sworn to protect his king, his people and…his mate, and he is determined not to let them down.
Zul will fight to the end, but can he win this final fight?
*   *   *   *   *
WEREDRAGON WARRIORS (Standalone romances but best read in order)
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